• Palestrante: Professor Ponnadurai Ramasami (CSci, CChem, FRSC, FICCE, MMast);
  • 6 de julho de 2017 às 11h;
  • Sala: 772

Computational Chemistry at the University of Mauritius

Computational chemistry involves the use of computers to solve chemistry and interdisciplinary problems. For the past 16 years, computational chemistry is being taught as part of the undergraduate chemistry programme at the University of Mauritius and it is also used for undertaking research. This presentation explains computational chemistry and its development both at the teaching and research levels. The need to have an in-depth understanding of the subject to embark for research is highlighted. The use of computational chemistry to understand substitution reactions at molecular level is elaborated. Our achievements and plans for future research work are also presented.


Professor Ponnadurai Ramasami (CSci, CChem, FRSC, FICCE, MMast) holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry. He leads the computational chemistry group at the University of Mauritius. He has published about 160 research papers. He is the Chairman of the International Conference of Pure and Applied Chemistry which is held every two years and the annual Virtual Conference on Computational Science. He is the coordinator of the Science Show which is supported by UNESCO. He has served on national and international committees. He was awarded the best Mauritian Scientist for the year 2016.