• Palestrante: Dr. Michael Nazarkovsky (DQ PUC-Rio);
  • 12 de junho de 2019 às 16h;
  • Sala: L772



Today’s issues related to the ecology are becoming more and more discussed. Clean, potable water is necessary for human life, but in many regions clean water is not readily available. New and improved technologies for water purification are therefore extremely important. One approach showing considerable promise is the photocatalytic degradation of microbes and organic contaminants in water for disease prevention. For this aspect, therea is a variety of nanomaterials with high specific surface area where the catalytic active sites are easily exposed to the media to be treated. Their effectiveness is determined by the decontamination rate, energy saving (reducing the irradiation energy) and the preparation scheme.

Carbon dioxide, CO2 is a matter of fundamental and industrial topics in a modern chemistry. Its non-stop accumulation stimulates scientists and commercial companies to develop photocatalytic processes intended to reduce CO2 to CO (used in syngas), CH4 (fuel and reagent), and organic products, such as, alcohols, acids, aldehydes or ketones (reagents, fuel, pharmacy).

The semiconductors, ZnO, TiO2 and SiC will serve as key catalysts to elucidate their application and properties for solving the subject ecological problems in the prospected seminar.


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