Chiral N-tert-butylsulfinyl imines have found a high applicability in synthesis as electrophiles because both enantiomers are accessible through large-scale processes, and because the sulfinyl group can easily bey removed under acidic conditions. It is important to note that most of the nucleophilic additions to these imines take place with high levels of stereocontrol. We have studied the reaction of these chiral imines with different nucleophiles and pro-nucleophiles with the aim of transforming the resulting amine derivatives into enantioenriched nitrogen-containing heterocycles, including natural alkaloids and other compounds that show different types of biological activity.

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I started my research in January 1985, at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Oviedo. During this period I worked in the synthesis of functionalized organolithium compounds. I acquired a solid formation in isolation and characterization of organic compounds using different spectroscopic (IR, MS, NMR) and analytical techniques (GC). After completing my doctoral thesis (supervisors: J. Barluenga, M. Yus and F. J. Fañanás), I joined the group of Prof. M. F. Semmelhcak at Princeton University as Fulbright fellow (1989-1991). There I studied the diradical Bergman cyclization in odialkynyl arenes (mechanistic aspects), and also worked in the synthesis and applications of diene iron tricarbonyl complexes. After that, I moved to the University of Alicante and joined the research group of Prof. M. Yus where I became Associate Professor in 1995, and Full Professor in 2002. Now I am a member of the Department of Organic Chemistry and the Institute of Organic Synthesis (ISO) at the same university. My research interests were focused on the development of new synthetic methodologies for the preparation of functionalized organolithium compounds from different precursors and the application of these organometallic intermediates in organic synthesis. Heterofunctionalization of alkenes and the development of new synthetic methods for asymmetric synthesis related to chiral sulfinimines are recent interests. I was also cofounder of the new chemical company MEDALCHEMY, S.L., as a spin-off of the University of Alicante.