Why study Chemistry at PUC-Rio?

– Chemistry is a 5-star course according to Guia do Estudante;

– PUC-Rio was elected as the 3rd most respected University by the Brazilian Employers;

– PUC-Rio is the best private/community University of the country;

– Excellent infrastructure for research and lab-classes;

– We have an international environment which benefits intercultural relations and increases student exchange possibilities;

– We offer the Pure Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry modalities;

– There are opportunities to research as an intern in different areas (with scholarship);

– You have the opportunity to attend to courses of the Master’s program to obtain the Undergraduate & Master Degree in 5 years;

– You may get scholarships through the Desafio exam.

PUC-Rio Chemistry course was recently reformulated in order to best meet the students’ expectation in relation to the job market, as well as to make it easier for the students to be admitted to graduate programs, in Brazil or abroad. The course has two different concentrations: Pure Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.

The student may conclude the Pure Chemistry course and get a Master degree in 5 years, since the graduate degree subjects may be studied during the undergraduate degree course. The emphasis in Industrial Chemistry aims a specialization in productive processes.