Adriana Gioda

Office L471

Phone: (21) 3527-1328


Research interests:

Research in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, mainly in the following subjects: outdoor air quality, indoor air quality, atmospheric chemistry and toxicology.

Ana Maria Percebom

Office: 373

Phone: (21) 3527-2347


Research interests:

– Nanotechnology;

– Colloids: Polymers e Surfactants;

– Self-assembly;

– Scattering techniques (DLS, SLS and SAXS).

André Silva Pimentel

Office: 479

Phone: (21) 3527-1955


Research Interests:

Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Films


Drug Design

Chemistry of Interfaces

Atmospheric Chemistry

Computational Chemistry

Angela de Luca Rebello Wagener

Office: 672

Phone: (21) 3527-1809

Aurora Pérez Gramatges

Office 373

Phone: (21)3527-1812

– e-mail:

Research interests:

– Physical-chemistry of colloids and interfaces

– Design and synthesis of functional hybrid nanomaterials with interfacial activity

– Self-organized colloidal systems for chemical analysis and sensing

– Development of biphasic formulations (dispersions) based on synergy of surfactants, polymers and amphiphilic nanoparticles

Camilla Djenne Buarque Müller

Office: 671

Phone: (21) 3527-1824

– e-mail:

– Research interests:

1) C-C and C-N coupling reactions targeting compounds for the treatment of cancer and neglected diseases.

2) Development of synthetic methodologies targeting key intermediaries for drug synthesis.

3) synthesis of covalent organic frameworks for biomedical applications and heterogeneous catalysis.

Carlos German Massone

Office: 671

Phone: (21) 3527-1901

– e-mail:

Research interests:

– Research and development on environment contamination, focused on the following subjects: analytical chemistry, hydrocarbons, persistent organic pollutants, isotope ratio, contaminant source identification and environmental monitoring.

Cecília Vilani

Office: L681 (superior)

Phone: (21) 3527-1659


Research interests:

– Nanotechnology;

– Polymers;

– Synthesis and characterization of thin films;

– Membrane separation processes.


Jiang Kai

Office: L481 Superior

Phone: +55 (21) 3527-2616


Research interests:

-Functional materials based on Rare Earth Elements (REE);

-Luminescent compounds applied in areas such as renewable energy, photonic markers, polymer composites and intelligent devices;

– Coordination and solid state chemistry, energy transfer processes and REE ion spectroscopy.

Jones Limberger

Office 173L

Phone: (21) 3527-1673

– e-mail:

Research interests:

-Development of new synthetic methodologies involving metal-catalyzed reactions.

-Utilization of metal-catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom reactions as key steps in the synthesis of fine chemicals (biologically active compounds and luminescent compounds).

José Marcus de Oliveira Godoy

Office L271

Phone: (21) 3527-1322


Research interests:

Natural radioactivity and  its application to environmental studies(Dating, sedimentation rate, water mixing). Groundwater geochemistry. Isotopic analysis applied to environmental studies and to products certification.


Maria Isabel Pais da Silva

Ophice: L371

Phone: (21) 3527-1039


Nicolás A. Rey

Office: L473

Phone: +55 (21) 3527-1813


Research interest:

Coordination Chemistry – biological, pharmacological and nanotechnological aspects. Development and synthesis of organic ligands and, from them, of bioactive metal complexes. Characterization through gravimetric, spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. Speciation studies in aqueous medium. Biological assays. Synthetic metallohydrolases/nucleases with pharmacological applications. Rational design of ‘Metal-Protein Attenuating Compounds’ for the therapy of neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s).


Omar Pandoli

Office: 279

Phone: (21) 3527-1320


Pércio Augusto Mardini Farias

Office L171

Phone: (21) 3527-1317


Research Interests:

Development of electrochemical methods using voltammetric techniques for analysis in different types of matrices, metal ions and organic compounds of biological interest and in environmental samples. Development of biosensors for the determination of mutagenic drugs.

Renan Lira of Farias

Room: 283L (Cardinal Leme Building)

Phone: (21) 3527-1319


Research interests

Metallodrugs candidates: Design, synthesis, structural chemistry, and pharmacological evaluation.

Protein-ligand interaction studies: The molecular docking and in vitro analysis of interactions between target biomolecules and coordination compounds.

Biomaterials: Development of advanced materials for biomedical applications.

Renato da Silva Carreira

Office: L672

Phone: (21) 3527- 1809


Research Interests:

-Marine Organic geochemistry: application of molecular markers and isotopic composition to unravel the natural variability and the human impacts on the cycle of organic matter, as well as in paleoceanographic studies;

-Evaluation, diagnostic and monitoring of contamination of aquatic systems by hydrocarbons, sewage and emerging pollutants.

Ricardo Queiroz Aucélio

Office 283L

Phone: +55 (21) 3527-1319 (office) and +55 (21) 3527-1819 (laboratory)


Research interests:

Spectroanalysis, Electroanalysis, Nanomaterials in analytical chemistry, Chemical metrology

Tatiana Dillenburg Saint´Pierre

Office L471

Phone: (21) 3527-1328


Volodymyr Zaitsev

Office: 481

Phone: (21) 3527-2617

– e-mail:

– Research interests:

  • Carbon-based materials and particularly nano-diamond particles (NDs), and graphene derivatives (rGO);
  • Silicon-based materials and, in particular, nanoparticles of silicon, silica and silicon carbide;
  • Core-shell hybrid nano-material with magnetic (Fe3O4), luminescent (Au) core protected with biocompatible shell.

We investigate the strategy and methodology for the functionalization of the nanoparticles in order to:

  • Produce new adsorbents for concentration and separation of bioactive compounds
  • Improve systems for drug delivery and target release;
  • Create nanoparticles for bacterial and cancer treatment.