In accordance with the Technical Advice CNE/CES No. 329/2004, rectified by the Technical Advice CNE/CES No. 184/2006, the bachelor degree course of PUC-Rio has a total course load of 3240 hours (higher than the minimum of 2400 hours) for concentrations in Pure Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.

We offer a full-time course, structured in six-month modules. The Curricular Structure is comprised by three bases: basic education, professional education and complementary education. The basic education refers to the essential contents, involving theoretical and experimental subjects.

The basic education comprises: Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computing. The professional education refers to the contents for the development of competencies and skills.  For Chemistry bachelor degree, 23%-30% of the course loads are dedicated to experimental classes, where the students work in small groups or individually, so they have the opportunity to develop experimental skills , acting with  self-confidence and initiative in handling with chemical systems.