Research Topics

The research topics of the Department of Chemistry – PUC-Rio are directly related to the Graduate Program in Chemistry. Since 2012, the program has been deeply reformulated and now it is organized in four main research areas:

Energy, Environment and Sea Science: Renewable energy; Luminescent, magnetic and multifunctional materials; Processes, reaction mechanisms and modeling; Characterization and quality control of biofuels; Heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis; Stability of petroleum derivatives; Monitoring of water and air quality; Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry.

Researchers: Adriana Gioda, André Silva Pimentel, Carlos German Massone, Jiang Kai, Jones Limberger, José Marcus de Oliveira Godoy, Maria Isabel Pais da Silva, Nicolás Adrián Rey, Renato Carreira, Ricardo Queiroz Aucélio, Tatiana Dilenburg Saint’Pierre, Volodymyr Zaitsev


Nanosciences, interfaces and colloids:  Synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles, quantum-dots and nanostructured materials, including microfluidic methods; colloidal and supramolecular systems; self-assembly of polymers, surfactants and nanoparticles; Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films; systems with optical (plasmonic and luminescent) and magnetic properties; characterization of bio- and nanomaterials and colloids; applications for catalysis, drug-delivery, cosmetics, sensors and diagnoses.

Researchers: Ana Maria Percebom, André Silva Pimentel, Aurora Pérez Gramatges, Camilla Djenne Buarque Müller, Jiang Kai, Omar Pandoli, Ricardo Queiroz Aucélio e Volodymyr Zaitsev.


Drugs and Chemical-Biological Interactions: Synthesis and characterization of bioactive compounds; rational planning of drugs and quality control of drugs.

Researchers: André Silva PimentelCamilla Djenne Buarque Müller, Jones Limberger and Nicolás Adrián Rey.


Analytical Methods and metrological quality: Study of sample preparation methods; development of spectometric, electroanalytical and separation analytical methods; application of analytical methods in complex and relevant problems; development of instrumentation and sensors; application of new material in chemical analysis; repercussion of analytical processes in the precision of measurements.

Researchers: Adriana Gioda; José Marcus de Oliveira Godoy; Pércio Mardini Farias; Renato Carreira; Ricardo Queiroz Aucélio; Tatiana Dilenburg Saint’Pierre e Volodymyr Zaitsev.