QSMS (quality, health, environment and safety)


The initials QSMS is an acronym for Qualidade (Quality), Saúde (Health), Meio-Ambiente (Environment) and Segurança (Safety), used to describe an Integrated Management System focused on these themes.

QSMS Committee of the Department of Chemistry (PUC-Rio) was created in 2008, and, since then, has been implementing the Integrated Management System with positive repercussion. The main objectives of QSMS Committee are as following:

  1. i) To collaborate with employee’s health and safety protection;
  2. ii) To prevent environmental harms;

iii) To prevent accidents;

  1. iv) To help with the implementation of a Quality Management System in the labs of the department.

These objectives can be reached by stablishing procedures related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, performing Internal Audits, gathering aspects, repercussions, risks and harm in the department’s environment, promoting courses and trainings for employees and students, and mainly making them aware of the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment and separating waste in containers suitable to the final destination, minimizing possible negative impact on the environment.

QSMS Committee members: Claudia Lins, Cristiane Portella and Daniela Soluri, under the guidance and support of the Quality Coordinator José Marcus Godoy.


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